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The 411 On America's Top Public Sex Spots and 8 New Ways to Master Them

Think the bedroom is the only place you can find sexual pleasure? Think again. Out of 1,000 Americans polled by Adam & Eve, 52% admitted to having sex in public. In another study, 500 Americans provided details on their favorite public sex locations.  We’ve listed those places below along with some suggestions to improve the experience.

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    Car/Cab/Parking Garage (A fervently rocking car may be suspect). 31% of those surveyed said they had done it in a car and 46% admitted to having at least fooled around in the back of a cab.
  2. Parks.18 percent of respondents said they’d done the deed in a park. (Parks are so popular in fact, that there’s a guide written for those of us in the Bay Area on the 50 locations to get it on in Golden Gate Park).
  3. Fitting Room (Go for the handicap fitting room).
  4. Empty Classroom (Try not to choose one with a peep window).
  5. Pool/Beach (or a lifeguard station for a less sandy and picturesque experience).
  6. Utility Closet (Make it a quickie to prevent claustrophobia).                                                                                      
  7. Movies (Obviously catch the matinee but if the only option is a rated G movie, instead join the 9 percent who’ve said they have done it in a public bathroom).
  8. Photo Booth (Capture the moment, literally).

Here are some not so public sex friendly places to definitely avoid:

  1. Cop Car (Unless you can swipe their handcuffs for foreplay).
  2. Court (Pleading the 5th may not be appropriate for defense).
  3. Church (If it’s still standing, throw some holy water on it while reciting the Hail Mary).
  4. Drive -Thru (A burger and fries may increase your risk of a heart attack during the act).

While it can be a thrill having sex in public places, you should be aware of the following risks should you decide to do it:

Avoid Risk 1: Breaking the law
In America, it’s a sexual faux-pas and completely illegal to have sex in public. (Or anywhere that’s not a bedroom, a sex club, swing or private club). What a buzz kill it would be to not only risk getting an STI but end up with handcuffs around your wrist on top of it. If you are looking to have public sex without worrying about getting arrested, travel to Amsterdam, Holland. The trick is, it must be at night, away from children, and you must clean up after yourself.

It is perfectly OK for these couples to get naughty at night in
VondelPark (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Image by Toni Escuder cc
Avoid Risk 2: Catching an STI/STD
Whether you are in a relationship, casually dating, or having a one night stand, it’s perfectly natural to want to liven up your sexual encounters by experimenting with where you have sex. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re going to be sexually adventurous that you could inadvertently be putting yourself at higher risk of contracting an STI/STD. If you’re not comfortable in your own room asking to use a condom (where there’s a higher chance a condom will actually be available) or even inquiring about your partner’s STI/STD status, then do you really think you’ll bring it up in a restaurant bathroom?

Image by Paul Schrieber cc
I’m not saying you should not be sexually explorative, please, I encourage it. But, if you don’t use protection then you could end up with an STI/STD. So, keep a condom on hand.

What’s a public place you have explored having “safe” sex? (Yes, you can comment anonymously ;-)


  1. Travel in Europe and public sex seem to go hand in hand for me...banks of the Seine in Paris, behind Versailles, medieval ruins in the Champagne region, a park in Hamburg, in the woods behind a rest stop, bathroom stall in another rest stop, and the list goes on...

  2. I had several experiences from my college years in the wide open spaces of Texas...on a picnic table at a camp site in a state park after everyone else went asleep, on a large flat rock in the middle of a river in another state park, on a boat dock on a lake at night, on a lacrosse field at night... :)

  3. Mhh... this article certainly triggers some memories. One time in a park in a city far far away... we ventured forth onto the grass, excited by doing something forbidden. And after we kissed and felt the heat rising, we went between a tree and a hedge and then went all the way. As we were done, we noticed that there was someone standing behind the hedge and had been observing us throughout the act. That was a bit creepy!

    Regarding the risks... in my past, I did it in public out of mainly two reasons. When the heat of the moment was overwhelming and we couldn't find a private place - or when we wanted to try something new to spice up our love life. In the first case - I agree, having protection ready at that moment is a bit of a challenge. So I agree with you to that partners should have condoms ready. In the second case, I was fortunately in more stable relationships with partners that I was confident were healthy. Then the risk of being arrested was more concerning.

    In anyway... my next trip to Amsterdam is booked. Thank you for the tip!

  4. The few times I have had sex in public, it was in my car in a parking lot. Luckily once it was with my bf of 3 years and the second time, the guy actually went to the liquor store around the corner first before we started to have sex. Really, i think i've gotten lucky because most guys I've been with pretty responsible but I can see how it can be very difficult!! The next time, i'll try these tips

  5. If you come to Sydney, you can try to visit 3 Legaly nude beach. And climb or go to the near bushes area, you will see peoples havingsex around the bushes.

  6. Ha... that reminds me of childhood vacation as a toddler. We went to Euronat every year which is a nudist colony close to Bordeaux, France. Everyone was naked all the time, even folks in shops (fun to buy a baguette while your other one is swinging freely). But the park staff was not tolerant when it came to public sex - almost every stay, we heard that people were thrown out because they were caught shagging between the dunes.

    So don't pick a nudist park that is made for children or families as well for your public pleasure. Or wait until they are all asleep ;-)


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